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Wheelbase was 100 inches, about the same as Corvette’s and two feet shorter than that of Pontiac’s new prime-line Star Chief. In the long run, it was nicer than a cab and roughly the same price. Mentioned then-division chief Robert M. Critchfield: “We’re proud to present this special car, not for the example of what the public would anticipate seeing in our seller’s showrooms next yr, however for instance of advanced considering by Pontiac’s designers and engineers.” High-sounding phrases, however, the division would wish greater than a flashy one-off to rework its stodgy image. Given the rough-and-tumble competitors within the low-price area, it was only logical that Pontiac would introduce a larger, dearer series to seize a share of the quickly increasing medium-value market.

Celebrating 30 years of manufacturing Pontiacs named for the place that put velocity on the map, here is the story of the 1957-1987 Pontiac Bonneville, from a flashy 1950s flyer to the most recent in 1980s excitement. See the next page about the primary Bonneville, a 1954 Pontiac present automotive. To comply with the Pontiac story into 1955 and 1956, continue to the next web page. Regardless of fresh styling and an excellent new V-8 for report-setting 1955 and 1956 Pontiac, the makers could not budge from number six. However, 1958 sales elevated significantly to slender the hole with Oldsmobile somewhat. Make Sense might help, say, Sell My Vacant Land Quick In Massachusetts!

We purchase land for cash from property house owners who select to sell land fast. Are you able to promote your Vacant Land fast in North Dakota? We research the small print of your land. We’ll take care of everything for you. All-new styling and a landmark V-8 would take care of that. With just a few signatures, you will get fast cash in trade for your unwanted real property. No make higher reflected the exuberant ’50s than Chevrolet, which advanced from household freighter to sizzling hauler in only a few quick years. Some people are surprised with how little they make off promoting a house and even losing in a deal because they must pay those fees.